Eva Jacobs is a Demi Couture Fashion label launched by Lithuanian designer Ieva Jokubaityte, based in London, where she moved after graduatuating with Honours degree in Fashion Design with Marketing and Production in Huddersfield. Eva Jacobs vision stands for a desirable image of glamorous, powerful and seductive woman. Timeless elegance, added value of luxury and a proven exclusivity are the keywords of EJ.

‘I was always in my own phase, exploring the beauty in the ugly, the ugly in the beauty, seeking for a desperate inspiration here and there. From the perspective I see it now, I believe fashion design was the ultimate concept for me; the concept that embraced and employed all my interests at once. It doesn’t have to always be the girl who loved making clothes for her barbies. For me, it’s all about aesthetics and about bringing the value of stories and memories into it.’ - Eva Jacobs for Pufnica Magazine

Eva Jacobs